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Hello Jamie, Bought the DVD and love the film - fantastic job! Have watched it four times through already in under a week. One thing I felt was missing was a coda on where the riders are now - something I thought might be included on the web site. Any plans for that? Best. -- Tony

Hi, I bought the DVD for my boyfriend and we just watched it last week. Just wanted to let you know, we both thought it was great. We're both athletes (he's a cyclist) and we thought it perfectly captured both the individual and team nature of cycling. It also (unfortunately) depicts the struggle US endurance athletes have to face when chosing to focus on their sport as a "career." Thanks for the great film! -- Beth

Just got my copy of the DVD--Long overdue and excellent. Thanks! -- Paul

I received my DVD of The Hard Road and watched it last night. I loved it! I've never raced, but attend a lot of the events, including a few in the film: US Pro in Philly, US Crit Nationals in Downers Grove. Congratulations on the film. -- Michael

Just finished watching the DVD. Why hasn't somebody done this before. It's great! Missed you at Shelby this year. -- Jim

No sooner did I get your email, when I checked the mailbox and there it was! I already watched it (at work...) and wanted to let you know what an excellent film this is! VERY well done! Congrats, and thanks very much! -- Adam

I loved this film! I watched it with a close friend who's into racing, and it was an experience I just can't describe in an email. I know you probably get too many emails to reply personally to each one, but I would be infinitely thrilled if there was any way I could actually meet you in person. I never knew a thing practically about racing until I got to know this friend of mine, but in the short time I've known him, I've developed quite a facination for the whole thing, and your film was a really cool highlight. Thank you for investing what must have been a lot of time and energy into this labor of love! -- Rosalie

just received it! thank you for a speedy reply. I will definitely order from you again. I have already watched it twice. AWESOME! -- Jimmy Fitzharris

AWESOME MOVIE! Just saw it on the big screen here in Mass. One question: What happened to everyone after the team split? I know that you and a few others went to Schroeder, but I'd love to know where everyone landed. Thx. -- Frank

Wow!! I just got my copy yesterday, started watching and couldn't stop. An interesting, beautifully produced, well done film. When are you doing another one??? -- Barry

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